About CalendarsQuick

Hi, I'm Ray Powers, a software developer based in mid-Michigan that created and supports this website.

Back in 2006, my wife and I were trying to coordinate our schedules and all the activities our young kids were doing onto a single calendar and we couldn't find a printable calendar that was minimal, full-page and of the design we were looking for. CalendarsQuick started from this and over the years more templates and back-end features have been gradually added with the help of feedback from people like you.

What makes CalendarsQuick different?

  • Neutral, clean calendar designs so your writing stands out
  • Wide, tall grids with small page margins for the most writing space per page
  • Large variety of customizable calendar templates in PDF and Excel formats
  • Backed by a web calendar so you can automate repeating events and reminders

Goals and Vision


Software is supposed to automate and lighten your workload. I strive to make this product simple enough to use where you can come in, get or do what you need, then get back to your life. If you think something about the software could be made simpler or improved, please drop me a note. I love feedback and use it to improve.

Speed and unobtrusiveness

Your time is valuable - CalendarsQuick was designed for fast access to the calendars you need. No third party ads are displayed ever so you can concentrate on what you came here for. To make things faster, with an account, you can favorite the calendars you most use, so they show up in one place on your home account screen.


This website and the paper printed from it has an impact on the environment. With our non-profit partner, One Tree Planted, we're planting trees annually to restock our natural resources. More details on how we measure paper usage and other initiatives can be found on the Sustainability page.

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