How It Works

CalendarsQuick is a library of printable calendar templates that is backed by a web calendar and reminder service.

Why CalendarsQuick?

  • Neutral, clean calendar designs so your writing stands out
  • Wide, tall grids for the most writing space per page
  • Large variety of customizable calendar templates in PDF and Excel formats
  • Backed by a web calendar so you can automate repeating events and reminders
  • You can print out your Google Calendar 30+ different ways
  • No limits on dates - subscribers can download calendars for all weeks and months, even beyond 2025
  • You can make your web calendar public to share with others
  • The site is 100% subscriber-supported, so there are no ads and it has been this way since 2006
  • Sustainability. With our partner, One Tree Planted, we plant trees annually to offset all calendars printed from this site
  • An inexpensive way to keep organized year-round

Calendar Templates

Almost 100 printable calendar templates are located under the Templates link at top. They are grouped into the following categories: Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Household, Business, Academic, Photo, and More.

Tiny thumbnail overview of PDF calendar template library
PDF Templates

74 templates let you download calendars in PDF format which is an excellent format for printing.

Excel Templates

23 Microsoft Excel templates are available to let you more fully customize a calendar. You can change grid colors, adjust box sixes, add images, and edit fonts within Microsoft Excel to create that perfect calendar.

The Excel calendar templates are denoted by a PDF + EXCEL or EXCEL ONLY badge.

The download form for the Classic Monthly calendar looks like this:

Screenshot of Classic Monthly download form
From here you can choose your month, year, whether to include holidays, the paper size, and other options.

Here are some of the things you can do with the calendar formats on this site:

  • Print your own planner refills
  • Combine the activities of all your family members onto one at-a-glance monthly family planner for the fridge so you can stay on top of everything
  • Print a yearly calendar for your wall or planner (lots of paper sizes to choose from)
  • Organize your days with weekly planning sheets that have sections for to-dos, appointments and notes
  • Save time with monthly calendar inserts for your Bullet Journal
  • Plan this week's dinner menu with a weekly meal planner
  • Print a humongous poster calendar for your office or team room
  • Print unlimited photo calendars for your home or office
  • Log far-future appointments and activities into a multi-month calendar
  • Track something throughout the year
  • Create a 13-month school calendar
  • And much more
Up close image of part of the yearly poster calendar
An up-close view of the yearly poster calendar printed in 36" x 48" size with colored pencils for scale

Including Your Schedules

You can save your tasks, repeating events and notes into an easy-to-use web calendar, and choose from more than 30 calendar styles for printing out your schedule. This web calendar is different in that it lets you both directly type in text-only events (for speed) as well as create events that can have more information attached such as notes, repeating info and email reminders. Learn more

Screenshot of web calendar with events
The web calendar

Publishing a Schedule

It is possible to make your CalendarsQuick schedule public so that you can share it with others. You can email the link or add it to your website. Learn more

Screenshot of area for publishing a web schedule

Google Calendar Prints

Once linked, you can print your Google Calendar out more than 30 ways including multi-month views, poster calendars, photo calendars, weekly planner pages and more. Learn more

Multiple Schedules and Color-Coding

Choose which CalendarsQuick web schedules and/or Google Calendars to include in your printouts. In the PDF downloads, you can choose whether events use the schedule's color or a single font color. Learn more

Screenshot showing events from multiple schedules with different colors

Birthdays and Special Occasions

With a CalendarsQuick account, you can add annual special occasions once to your account to be automatically included in each of the calendars you download.

Screenshot of list of special occasions
Example listing of special occasions

With the "auto-age" feature enabled, you can add the "start year" to a special occasion and the calendar will show the age of the birthday or anniversary on your calendars. Learn more

Screenshot showing a calendar with auto-age entry - Sam's b-day (12th)
Example of "auto-age"

Email Reminders

Easily set up reminders for important upcoming events, birthdays and tasks to be emailed to you ahead of time. Up to 5 email reminders can be attached to an event, which can be set to email you from 1 to 90 days in advance. Learn more

Personalizing With Photos

Easy-to-use photo calendar templates let you upload your favorite pictures to create photo calendars you'll enjoy month after month. Automatic photo resizing makes the process fast and simple, and there are no limits to how many calendars you can make.

Screenshot of monthly calendar with a photo
It takes seconds to upload a photo and print something like this out.

Customizing Your Calendars

Week start day

Each calendar template (including yearlies) lets you set your start day to Sunday, Monday, or any other day of the week. When logged in, it can be a default setting in your account so you do not have to change it before each download.

Setting your language

You can change the language of your calendars to one of English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Nederlands or Danish.

Choose your holidays

You can choose which holidays to include in your calendars by country and religion. Supported countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Also supported are holidays for the Christian/Catholic and Jewish religions.

Choose your paper size

All calendars are of 8.5" x 11" (Letter) size, with selected calendars available in other paper sizes such as 3.5" x 6" (Pocket), 3.75" x 6.75" (Personal), 5.5" x 8.5" (Classic), 210mm x 297mm (A4), 8.5" x 14" (Legal), 11" x 17" (Ledger) and 36" x 48" (Poster/Arch E)

If you have paper size requirements other than Letter size, please be sure to check the Paper Sizes page before signing up.

Black & White

If you do not prefer grayscale, there is an option you can set in your CalendarsQuick account to print all calendars in black and white by default.

Screenshot comparison of a black & white calendar versus standard grayscale
Black and white versus grayscale comparison

Unlimited Dates Access

When you subscribe to CalendarsQuick, you get unlimited access to all of the calendar templates on this site during your 12-month subscription period. Create and print as many calendars as you need, as often as you need them - for 2024, 2025, or any other year between 1 AD and 10,000 AD throughout your subscription period.

Help and Support

If you run into an issue or need help, feel free to email us directly or use the contact form which will start an email support ticket and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. There is also a comprehensive help guide which walks through how to use CalendarsQuick and illustrates how the different features work.

No Risk

CalendarsQuick is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If within 60 days, you want to cancel your subscription for any reason, simply tell us and we will refund you the full purchase price, no questions asked.

This 12-month subscription is non-recurring, meaning there are no automatic renewals or billing.

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